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A Legacy of Inspiration

AM Publishing (AMP) was created by Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene April Visaya with the mission to support, connect, enrich and empower women authors.

Our intention is to give their divine souls a voice that will echo through generations. We believe empowered souls contribute to the “cycle of inspiration,” which in turn inspires others.

AMP’s 5 Guiding Principles include the following:

  1. Positivity
  2. Empathy
  3. Unity
  4. Inspiring others
  5. Humility

At AMP, we strive to promote positivity by encouraging and supporting one another. We are empathetic to others, and seek to create unity among women. Individually woman are powerful; together they are unstoppable. It is our goal to positively inspire others’ thoughts, ideas, and writings. Last but not least, we value humility and looking at the world through humble eyes.

Through the art of writing, we can inspire and leave a valuable legacy for generations to come.

Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene April Visaya, LPC are licensed psychotherapists who specialize in working with children diagnosed with autism.

Combined they have over 30 years of experience working with children in 1:1 and school settings. The primary scope of their practice focuses on school inclusion, social facilitation, and teaching children about social competence.

Their therapeutic approach combines tough love, passion, and empathy for each of the clients they work with. The primary goal for every client is for them to live a successful independent life filled with loving relationships. Their motto is, “Autism has no Limits!”


Dr. Annette Nunez

Dr. Annette Nunez is the founder and director of Breakthrough Interventions, LLC. She is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked with children with ASD and other related disorders for over 20 years. She received a B.A. in Psychology, an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Ph.D. in Quantitative Research Methods with a specialization in Child Development. At UCLA, she studied and trained with renowned autism expert, Dr. Ivar Lovaas on Discrete Trial Training (DTT). She also received training from the Institute for Child Development in California on the Floortime Approach and developed a successful behavioral program that combined aspects of DTT and Floortime.

As part of her doctorate work at the University of Denver, Dr. Nunez developed the Children’s Social Competence Scale (CSCS). The CSCS is an early intervention evaluation tool that measures social competency in young children. She serves as the Program Director for Connect Us, a non-profit organization that helps children cultivate positive relationships through facilitated play. Her research interests include the mainstreaming and socialization of children with High Functioning Autism.

Dr. Nunez co-wrote the Freindship Is… book and is currently writing a book about the Breakthrough Interventions model that will be published this year. She conducts many seminars both nationally and internationally and has consulted with many schools in China and South Africa. Dr. Nunez also consults and supervises the therapists at the Breakthrough Interventions site in South Africa.

Dr. Nunez was honored by the Autism Society of Colorado as a finalist for the 2011 Faces of Autism Professional Award. You can see Dr. Nunez on FOX News as she as she does many interviews on the power of positivity and autism. She plans to continue educating parents and professionals about mainstreaming and socialization of children with Autism.

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maylene-2Maylene April Visaya, LPC

Maylene April Visaya is licensed Professional Counseling and became a National Credited Counselor in 2014. She received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Denver and then earned her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health in 2010. Throughout college Maylene received many academic honors and was apart of Psi Chi. She also volunteered at various organizations to broaden her knowledge and experience in the area of psychology. She volunteered at residential treatment homes, tutored at-risk youth, and helped adults with disabilities transition into independent vocational programs. However, it was her volunteer work as a para-educator for children with autism that sparked her interest in working with this population.

After graduation Maylene started working at Breakthrough Interventions in order pursue her desire of working with children with autism. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Annette Nunez, Maylene was trained in Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Floortime, and the Social Competence Inclusive Play (SCIP) model. She has over 10 years of experience working with children on the spectrum. This experience includes working in1:1 in-home settings, transitioning children from home to school environments, and consulting with various school districts. Maylene also participated in Dr. Nunez’s research in which she was an integral part of the data collection and item development of the Children’s Social Competence Scale.

Currently, she trains and supervises all Breakthrough Interventions senior staff, conducts assessments, and writes individualized treatment plans for all clients. Maylene co-authored the book “Friendship Is…” along with Dr. Annette Nunez, and will continue to write books aimed to influence positive change. In addition, her primary interest is in language development and is in the process of applying to doctoral programs in speech therapy. Maylene will continue to pursue her passion in working with children with autism and continue to help each one of her clients reach success and defy the odds placed against them.

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